Ahad, 19 Mei 2013

3 RKA 1

Pict paling epic untuk membahan orang di abad ini
#selongkar gambar2 lama bulan March aritu

Guess the name right.
Well yeah its take time actually
really to polish up my memory
eh what for??
dah la ex aku kat sini

Be thankful

Hi Blog
Opps i did it again by hv not visited you for a very long time
Im so sorry and i do so have soo many thing to prepared and settled down
April had passed by and month of May had half away to catch up before June
Sometimes i feel hard and feels so demotivated in life
But i have family and friends who is always been here for me
I cant imagine how will be my life without them
Even without telling them that im in a trouble, there will be always had a hand or shoulder to lay on
Even when im upset, there will be always be a ears for me hear on
Even when im not feeling unwell, there will be always be someone to rely on
Lately i just dont have idea and courage to start writing my journal in my blog
My carrier now is my priority
The responsibility i owned should not been taking so easy
My Bos, My Management, that rule, this rule, all keep changes all the times!
It had really make my day miserable day by day..
Its tiring, people seen us relaxing but do they even second sitting in my places just for a day?
trust me your brain will be exploded hahaha #Drama a lil bit
Get up early in a morning, 6 in the morning had rush to the office, and went home only after passed 8 every single day weekday and weekend.
Not included the bla bla bla from the bigboss, the silly2 complaint from the staff, my head was full already.
Sometime i just wanna scream that i cant take it anymore, but..
I only can motivate my self that, my opt was my lil kids to take care of, they also have family to feed, Some of them their family is far far away from here..
How on earth i can imagine me my self at their age of 18 alone abroad and working at foreign country..
me at that time is still be my mommy and daddy little baby..
Pity them right?
So be thankful for what you get and get the blessing =)


my Love dunia Akhirat


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