Selasa, 21 September 2010

Abah, Just dont blame yourself.

Entri berbaur Emo nie Mumun nk dedicate to person i loved so much
"My Abah"
En Abu Hasan, 44 years old

Yesterday, he posted on his Facebook Wall some picture that i've touched a lot..
Every sentences of the word either in the picture and the picture caption has made me cry

Klik untuk imej lebih jelas

 nk lagi clear? klik pict di atas

 My dad Says:
I used to work hard 7 days a week. I ran few business thinking that i should be the best for my families.  I really could not remember seeing my children growing up.  Then, I am sick now, and I am staying home 7 days  a week.  Almost all my children are away from home now and on their own.  Now, I start thinking the things ! miss in my life.  Please see the attached photo. It really touch me.

Me says:
Dear Abah. Its okay that you didnt see us growing up because we know that you worked hard to raise this family.  You did your part well, dont you worry because without all of your effort back then, we will never reach until this far.  I am glad i have this family, I have you, I have mama, I have my sisters and we all still and always love you infinity.  Nothing can pay back all things you did to me.  And it is enough for me, and I will try to survive on my own and so you can focused on my little sister.  you have to be strong because mama and us wil always be beside you, support you in whatever you did. And finally, thank you for everything abah. Just enjoy your life to the fullest abah! 
Last but not least.. Abah abah, plis plis amalkan Gaya Hidup yang Sihat.. Jauhi rokok, bersenam sekurang-kurangnya 2 kali seminggu 30 minit setiap sesi serta berjalan sepuluh ribu langkah.. Ehehehe.. Nasib ler, you daughter dulu pektikal kat pejabat kesihatan dan amek course nutrition la katakan.. hehehe.. 
*iklan untuk cover nanges jap td* Tsskk Tsskk tehehehe


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