Rabu, 4 Ogos 2010

Fuyooh, Raya dengan BlackBerry dari Digi Yok..

Some of you have seen or heard of a freak weather storm around Malaysia. Well from what we know its going to be raining BlackBerries for all you phone lovers.
Here’s another video:
DiGi has always been quite generous with smartphones, often giving them away ascontest prizes or by marrying them to really cheap data plan packages. If you missed out on all those opportunities and still suffer from a severe case of gadget envy whenever your friends pull out their shiny new Blackberries, we have good news for you.

DiGi is giving away RM 1,000,000 worth of BlackBerry® Bold 9700 smartphones with their Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari celebration in conjunction with their 15th anniversary! There are 10 to be won every day, and all you have to do to win one is just sign up for any DiGi Internet product, or reload RM 30 and above with DiGi Prepaid. With 10 units given away Hari Hari (every day) until 15 September, reload more with DiGi and we reckon it won’t take long to get lucky and win a BlackBerry ® :)
There’s only one more thing better than free stuff, and that would be… well, more free stuff. DiGi is offering more exclusively to DiGi Angels – you can win a limited edition phone sock to jazz up that BlackBerry® smartphone you just won! :D
Limited Edition BlackBerry®

There are 6 phone socks to be won, and we’ll be giving out one each week. To win a limited edition phone sock, write a blog post and tell us why you want the limited edition phone socks in line with the Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari promotion. Once you’re done, drop us a comment on this post with the permalink of your blog post. The contest starts on Monday (2 August 2010) and we’ll announce the weekly winner the next Tuesday every week.
Aren’t the phone socks absolutely precious?! Get blogging now and you could be one of the lucky winners of the limited edition phone socks!
For more information on the Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari promotion, log on tohttp://hariharimari.com.

p/s: It has been almost 8month i changed my broadband line into Digi Internet Package worth only RM48 per month.. Double charge of my previous Broadband Line.. From Sabah to Johor to Jengka Pahang  i still got the coverage (it is a rural area tu!!).. Thank you Digi!! Err i want those cute BlackBerry can?? Can laah... hehe


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